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What is the cache.dat file?

Question I have a large file called cache.dat in the BIN directory. What is it? Can I delete it? Answer...
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What are ESMTP and SMTP?

Answer SMTP is the name given to the protocol (or language) that is used to transfer email messages between computers....
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Answer STARTTLS is the ESMTP keyword used to initiate a secure SMTP connection between two servers using the Secure Sockets...
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What is a vCard?

Answer A vCard is an electronic (or virtual) business card. It is a powerful new means of allowing you users...
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What is Webspace?

GMS Webspace is the new user interface added to GMS in 2016. Users accessing the login page will be able...
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What are the ODBC error codes?

Answer SQLSTATE Error Can be returned from 01000 General warning All ODBC functions except: SQLError SQLGetDiagField SQLGetDiagRec 01001 Cursor operation...
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What is IMAPS and IMAP over STARTTLS?

Question GMS supports two different mechanisms for providing encryption for e-mail retrieval. These include: IMAPS – also commonly referred to...
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What is the SMTP RCPT clause?

Question What is the SMTP RCPT clause? Answer RCPT is a command used in an electronic mail transaction. Below are...
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What is a Class B subnet?

Answer A class B subnet uses the first and second octets of an IP address to designate the network ID,...
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Question What is PIPELINING and what advantages does this enhanced feature offer? Answer The pipelining command is an extension of...
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What is RBL?

Answer RBL stands for Realtime Blackhole List, this is a term for DNS based systems designed to assist in the...
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What is ASMTP?

Answer “ASMTP” stands for “Authenticated SMTP”. It is the name of the protocol that standard messaging servers should provide in...
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What is HTTPS?

Answer HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts the...
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