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Does GMS Webmail compress http pages?


I am concerned about http page load times when using GMS Webmail and would like to know if GMS Webmail uses gzip to compress therefore load pages more quickly.



You should see the load times of all pages in the GMS interface drop by a factor of between 5 and 9 times what you experienced in earlier versions. This is because we now employ gzip to compress the pages you call which reduces size and therefore time it takes to load the page you have requested.

While this is on by default, you can change this at a user, domain or system level.

The "HTTPPageCompressionLimit" variable can be set using the web interface to the registry on the admin pages at support<system variables

The variable defaults to 0. The values are:

0 – always compress
-1 – never compress
n – compress pages greater than this size.

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