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What is GMS Project?

GMS Project is a project management app, tightly integrated with GMS Webspace, that facilitates the easy management of multiple projects...
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Accessing GMS Project

GMS Project can be accessed via the Webspace app picker, as shown here, dependent on your GMS Cloud subscription type:...
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Creating a project

Before creating a new project, a project template type must be selected. The default project template is ‘IT Helpdesk’. To...
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Creating a custom template

GMS Project uses a series of pre-defined templates which can be completely customised according to the requirements of the user....
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What are the template types?

GMS Project uses a series of pre-defined templates matching a broad range of themes and workflows to help users get...
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What can I see in the dashboard?

GMS Project dashboard is there to provide an easy-to-read statistical summary of project and task progress, both for individual and...
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Using the Reports function

The reports function in GMS Project acts as a query designer, allowing users to search both individual and multiple simultaneous...
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