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When my users log off GMS Webmail can I send them to a specific page on my website?


I have a company website through which I allow users of GMS Webmail to log on, check mail, etc. On logging off, I want to send them to a particular page within that website.


We have created two new GMS Webmail registry variables to enable you to do this. By using these different variables, you can control where people are sent when they log off from GMS Webmail as well as what they see when they try and access their GMS Webmail account before signing on. The new variables are:


The two variables perform slightly different functions.

  1. WebMailLogoffUrl – specifies the URL to take the user to when they click on “Signoff” in the GUI. This could be a “come back soon” type page or a logon page.

  2. WebMailLogonUrl – if the user tries to access GMS Webmail and they are not logged on (due to session timeout or never having logged on) then this is the page that will be displayed.

These only affect GMS Webmail signoff and logon access to GMS Webmail. Access to the admin portions of the GUI and the admin logon screens are not affected.

The first time you do this you will need to create the global variables (see the KB entries below for more information on how to do this). Subsequently you will simply need to change them.

We have a few knowledge base articles specifically designed to help you edit the registry directly which are referenced below. In brief, you will need to activate the System Variables page by going to Security > Control and enabling the check box "Allow direct editing of system variables" then click the "Update" button.

Once done, you can go to Support > System Variables and you will here be able to add this new variable with the value of the webpage in proper universal resource locator format.

If you do have trouble with the implementation of this variable, please contact Gordano Support

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