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GMS On Premise

Everything you need to stay connected: the complete alternative to Exchange, tailored for the needs of small businesses. The total package, right out of the box. Not just features, but the help you need, however and whenever you need it.

  • You get your email, accessible on a variety of clients including Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Or you can access your email using the GMS webmail client: Webspace
  • The ability to share and manage schedules, contacts and tasks
  • Supports CalDav & CardDav synchronisation across multiple clients and devices
  • Cloud storage with GMS Drive means that documents can be uploaded, shared and stored in the cloud.
  • GMS Drive app provides local access & sync of documents
  • Create, edit and share office documents in-browser.
  • Zero Hour malware protection included
  • Unlimited telephone and email support during business hours. You won’t get support like this anywhere else
  • Software updates included
  • Runs on Windows, Linux or virtual machines
  • Plenty of assistance migrating your data over to GMS
  • GMS Support outside of business hours. Upgrade your support to 13×5 or to 24×7. Never be without the protection and insurance of knowing that our dedicated support team are just a phone call away, any time, day or night
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, compatible with GMS: sync your calendars and more to your smartphone or tablet, from £6 per user, per year

From £3

  • All the features you need
  • Inclusive Telephone Support Included
  • Available as annual subscription