Everyone needs some help, right?

Running a business is never easy. We know that as well as anyone else. There is always a lot to do and finding time and resources can sometimes feel like an impossible task. If nothing else, we can make sure that managing your email is neither costly nor a hassle.

We know how important your email is, which is why we are committed to support: our dedicated helpdesk allows us to manage all support and service requirements. Troubleshoot, find information and have queries answered in real-time by our team of support engineers.

They have the expertise to solve any problem - with cumulatively over three decades of experience in supporting our solutions. You will be speaking directly with people who played active roles in developing our software. They know GMS inside and out.

GMS Support is included with both our On Premise and Cloud solutions. This inclusive contract means that you can always get the support you need within your business hours. This contract also means that our support staff will be on hand to assist you with the deployment of your GMS solution and will help you migrate all your data across to GMS, at no extra cost.

You can also upgrade your support contract to give you extra cover outside of your normal working hours. If you would like to learn more about the GMS Support options, get in touch today by emailing