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Our History

Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, a company called Internet Shopper built a mail server. The year was 1994, and email was still nascent and novel. They just wanted a mail server that worked, and as it turned out, other companies did as well.

Soon, that software was renowned for its remarkable stability, performance, efficiency and scalability. And so, a small business – not a conglomerate or corporation – nestled in Somerset’s Gordano valley became the first organisation to provide software exclusively over the internet.

Over twenty years and a couple of name changes later, that plucky little company is still here; still in Somerset, and still celebrated for the quality of their product. Technology has changed a lot since then, but they have continued in that same vein – relying on ingenuity and a desire to help other businesses just like them.

Now called GMS, they continue to find solutions for problems that others’ have not. They continue to provide a robust and stable messaging product, with over two decades of trust and experience on their side. Just as in 1994, GMS is the alternative to inadequate mail servers, unreliable support, and giant organisations with little time for their customers.