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Can I rewrite outbound mail headers?


We have more than one internal email server and I need to hide the names of them from the outside world so that:

  • All inbound email goes through our central gateway so that we can check for viruses and spam;
  • Email is routed correctly (since there is no direct access to internal servers from outside); and
  • Those outside the company can-not find out about our network topology.

What I need is for any address within our organisation to be changed to “X@smith.dom”. So if someone uses “sally@mail.smith.dom” or “sally@server.smith.dom” in their email client, their email address is correctly translated to “sally@smith.dom”.

Is it possible to use GMS products to write addresses appropriately?


Yes. GMS products can do this.

This is done as part of Script processing, outgoing.mml or eom.mml. By utilizing the powerful MML programming language you can create either an outgoing MML script or an end of message script that will convert addresses into the format you require them in.

NOTE: Gordano do not support the debugging or writing of MML scripts.

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