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Can I use Perl and other scripts after installing GMS?


Some of my programs rely on being able to post messages by calling the sendmail binary rather than logging into the SMTP port. How am I able to do this with GMS?


GMS on Unix platforms includes a wrapper for our mail binary that implements the interface of the sendmail binary and calls the MAIL tool with the appropriate arguments to post a mail. This will enable your customers or yourself to continue using any scripts (such as Perl CGI programs) that use a standard call to the sendmail binary without anyone knowing that there has been any change to the underlying mail program.

In any perl or other cgi scripts that call the mail server, a change will need to be made. Where an entry for the sendmail server such as "/usr/lib/sendmail" appears, it will need to be replaced with "opt/gordano/mail/bin/sendmail". Once you have GREPed the files on the customers server, make sure to alert them to the change so any alterations to the original made by the customer can then be uploaded with the correct mail program location.

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