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How can I run a non interactive installation?


I would like to modify the installation so that it does not ask any questions and simply does the install in one step. This will make it easier for me to leave an "emergency" disk for my customers.

How can I do this?


The install procedure has been enhanced to include the ability to select an advanced install to allow for custom configuration. This is especially useful when installing GMS products onto a system that you have no direct access to.

To use this option there must be a file called config.txt available in the installation directory so this type of install is only really suitable for use with the PKZip distribution rather than the packaged .exe file.

You would need to create the file config.txt manually using any text editor. The file should look similar to the following:


A silent install will only run if the following conditions are met:

  1. no existing installation found
  2. IP address is found on the network card
  3. domain name is found from tcp/ip configuration

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