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What is ODBC?

Answer Abbreviation of Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard database access method developed by Microsoft Corporation. The aim of ODBC is...
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What is a Class C subnet?

Answer A class C subnet uses the first three octets of an IP address to designate the network ID, and...
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What does gethostbyname mean?

Answer When GMS Mail, GMS Webmail and GMS Communication Server send email, they first check the local machine’s own fully...
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What is the KLEZ virus?

Answer Klez is a worm that spreads via the Internet by attaching itself to mass-mailed emails using SMTP to pass...
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How to apply keys to GMS

Question How to apply keys to GMS. Please make a note of the version you are running first. Answer If...
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What is MIME?

Answer MIME means Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, and refers to official Internet standards that specify how messages must be formatted...
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What is GMS Firewall?

Question What are the differences between GMS Firewall and the other flavours of GMS Mail? Answer GMS Firewall is designed...
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