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Is there a way to determine what viruses have been stopped by GMS Anti-Virus?



As part of the ongoing development of GMS, driven to a large extent by customer request, Gordano has now added a comprehensive Reports section to the administration interface of GMS. Included in this Reports area is the ability to query the GMS Anti-Virus definition files to obtain a list of viruses that the installation is currently protected from.

A second report allows the GMS Anti-Virus log files to be interrogated to produce a report detailing what viruses, if any, have reached the server. The report also details who the sender of the virus was and who the intended recipient of the virus was. This is useful for statistical purposes alone, but also provides enough information for administrators to be able to tell senders what virus they are infected with and on what date and time they attempted to send a virus through the server.
During a trial period, this will help you asses how effective your installation of GMS Anti-Virus is. If you are currently running GMS Anti-Virus it will help when renewing your license to have a report available of how effective the GMS Anti-Virus module has been for your server.

The above reports can be accessed from the Administration > Reports section of the administration interface.

In addition to the above reports, if any of the messages that have been blocked are deemed to be of an urgent nature they can be accessed from the Quarantine section of the administration interface. Be aware though that those messages will still contain viruses so great care must be taken when handling them.

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