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How can I improve the GMS Webmail user experience?


Some of my users seem to experience a slow interface when using GMS Webmail, are there any guidelines to improving performance?


The nature of GMS Webmail is that it is a web based client, and as such a certain amount of data needs to be transmitted to a browser in order to display the user interface and mailbox contents.

It follows that reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted will reduce the amount of time that a mailbox takes to display.

With this in mind, Gordano introduced compression technology in builds 3075 and higher which should improve performance of data transfer over earlier versions by up to 10 times, assuming the browser in use supports compression.

Further to the page compression, users can improve their own GMS Webmail experience by following these guidelines:

  • Keep commonly used mailboxes small – e.g. Inbox
  • Set up auto archiving of Trash and Sent – this will improve time taken to delete or send messages
  • Archive old messages to other mailboxes

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