Release Version 20.0

GMS has a new release – version 20.0.

With this new release, you’ll get:

  1. DKIM added to SMTP service allowing DKIM signatures to be added to outgoing emails and for DKIM signatures to be checked on incoming emails, and then acted upon according to your anti-spam preferences.
  2. GMS Drive feature added. Now you can store your important documents and files directly in your Webspace email account, allowing them to be accessible from anywhere. A Drive client has also been added, creating a local network drive from your desktop compatible with Webspace. GMS Drive will also support mobile devices so you can access your files from your phone.
  3. GMS Office feature added. For a small fee, you can now create, open and edit common document formats directly in Webspace.
  4. Improvements to SSL sessions in SMTP to include fallback support for servers using out of date SSL handshakes. This fix does not remove the protection added in a previous version against POODLE and other vulnerabilities.
  5. Improvements to sharing and stability in the GMS Outlook addin.
  6. Added support for TZ database timezones in Webmail Pro meeting invitation emails.
  7. Multiple fixes and improvements to the GMS Archiver product including: Support for formatted text searches (HTML); Support for writing to shared network locations (UNC Paths) which contain spaces; Improvements to offsite Search feature.
  8. Multiple admin interface and service stability improvements.
  9. Multiple Webspace enhancements including: Preference improvements; Calendar improvements; Mail search; New password recovery feature which permits a recovery email to be set to allow the recovery of a lost password.
  10. Improved support for inline attached email messages.

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