Protecting your business against cybercrime

The Rise of Cybercrime

Cybersecurity breaches and threats are becoming of greater concern to businesses small and large as hackers find new and malicious ways to invade our webspaces. Over the past year alone, 85% of small SME’s reported being infected or breached, compared to 64% of larger enterprises. With hacks taking place every 39 seconds and annual damage to the global economy estimated at being $445 billion, it’s easy to see why companies are alarmed by this upsurge of new age network piracy.

Amongst the threats keeping web and email security decision makers awake at night are data breaches, targeted attacks and ransomware. The most disconcerting thing is that hackers no longer need to be particularly tech-savvy. With DDoS kits and malware services readily available online, cybercrime-as-a-service is now a wide digital door through which anyone looking to score a quick, illicit buck can enter.

Fortunately, there is a way we can tackle this.

Who are CYREN?

CYREN are at the head of the game when it comes to pioneering progressive technologies in the fight against cybercrime. Utilising extensive cloud-based detection capabilities they operate at the frontline of identifying threats and putting a stop to them before they come to fruition. Aside from being the fastest, most accurate, and scalable cyber security service, CYREN’s multi-faceted cloud defence product is able to analyze billions of daily transactions, achieving absolute success in threat exposure.

With regards to numbers, CYREN are responsible for blocking on average 300 million daily threats in support of its 550 million users, across 190 countries. To put that in comparable terms, in a little over two weeks CYREN will encounter and terminate more cyber attacks than there are people on Earth. Whilst this may seem scary, there is also comfort to be found in the proactivity afforded by IT security companies like CYREN in prevention and preservation.

Why you should use CYREN?

  • CYREN prides itself on being the ‘first to detect’ and the ‘first to protect’, eliminating the ever-important window of exposure.
  • CYREN provide cross-platform services, meaning you are secure whether you’re surfing the web on your computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • As malware becomes more sophisticated, it can ‘learn’ and become ‘aware’ of counter-hacking processes and procedures and thereafter avoid subsequent detection. The cloud-based multi-sandbox arrays provided by CYREN will prevent this by constantly changing the environment in threat authentication.
  • Through large scale analysis CYREN can quickly flag potentially dangerous URLs and IP addresses prior to victimisation.
  • CYREN keep completely up-to-date with hacking trends and malware variants.

How we are using CYREN?

As much as cloud evolution is a focus for GMS solutions, we are inherently aware that your security and peace of mind is of equal importance. By partnering and integrating with CYREN, we can confidently offer the best protection in preventing, mitigating and identifying any manner of viruses and spam delivered by the primary infection vector: email. All of this can be provided by GMS as part of the integrated system solutions through GMS On Premise or via the GMS Cloud self-service cloud systems.