GMS Cloud: Self-Service

GMS Cloud started as a result of the evolving space of email messaging, but also in view of our expanding business direction. Back in 1994, when GMS (then called Internet Shopper) first began, cloud computing was a science fiction concept, ironically already present in the nascent form of mainframe and terminal services; a vision of an “intergalactic computer network” that would allow people the world over to connect and access shared programs and data from any place, at any time. Even so, as we grew and developed, establishing a strong and stable presence in the Internet marketplace, so too were we beginning to build our future identity, with products that were gradually moving away from being solely email oriented, and were instead a natural extension of the capabilities of email itself. To us, GMS Cloud is representative of our future. It means having software as a service. Nothing in-house or on premise. Accessible anywhere and free from the strains of self-management and the cost implications that brings. A business productivity suite of applications accessible at the speed of the Cloud.

A significant part of bringing GMS Cloud to the cloud services market was understanding the route in which SMBs access the Cloud services they need, and how we could make this route as free of obstacles as possible. The growing sophistication of small businesses in Europe and around the world meant that being able to offer inclusive, bundled services was more important than ever. We therefore looked at the increasing appetite for Cloud services across the length and breadth of Europe and came to the solution that the integration of GMS Cloud and its apps into a self-service marketplace, like AppDirect, was the way to go.

AppDirect are fairly prolific when it comes to cloud marketing platforms. Along with the likes of CloudFX they power millions of cloud subscriptions worldwide with solutions for end-to-end commerce and digital selling their bread and butter. It’s thus through our subsequent partnership that GMS Cloud and its components are now better placed than ever to help small businesses take their first crucial steps into the Cloud. We do, of course, owe part of this success to our how we have been positioned within the market, but there are also the capabilities of our product to consider too.

Email represents the core around which our applications flourish, the many branches analogous of the apps and add-ons that make up the complete GMS Cloud package. There’s GMS Drive, a cloud based storage repository with sharing functionalities; GMS Office, our built-in office suite where you can create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more; GMS Meet, our integrated video conferencing platform; and then there’s the ability to access and share calendars, contacts, tasks and schedules from GMS Webspace, our next-generation webmail client.

Prospectively, as the very essence of cloud computing continues to grow, so too does our Cloud offering, with more cloud-centric features, updates and releases planned, we are working hard to constantly improve the Cloud environment that we provide.

There’s no time like the present to begin your journey into the cloud, just choose GMS Cloud to help get you there.