What is Emaily?

Partnerships form the backbone of any successful business. You can have the best products the world over, but that means very little without business-to-business collaboration and cooperation. Aside from being strategically sound, the main objectives of a business partnership are to promote synergy, attain and satisfy new customer bases, and get the word out. Plainly speaking, it’s a no-brainer.

As a large Cloud Service Provider, Alkhalijiah (Virtustream Mena) have teamed up with GMS to create Emaily, a SaaS business productivity solution for SMB/Enterprise customers that takes advantage of GMS’ email and office capabilities to provide a powerful toolset that focuses on business and operations. Easy to deploy and easy to use, Emaily is a platform for growth for the customer, an end to end answer for the consumer, and an unquestionable opportunity for the provider.

So what does Emaily use? With Cloud service adoption rapidly expanding, both SMBs and larger enterprises are moving to the Cloud, utilising email solutions, backup, storage and security along the way. It was therefore important that Emaily could host all of these requisite features as a means of enhancing business-critical communications, tasks and activities. Taking the GMS Cloud business model as a starting point, Emaily comes as a comprehensive package, including:

  • A complete email solution which is optimised for use with Microsoft Outlook and includes the ability to create and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.
  • The Emaily Drive is a safe and secure storage repository available online and offline, wherever you are.
  • Mobile access and personal data synchronisation through ActiveSync.
  • A fully integrated in-browser office suite that allows you to create and edit documents and then share them through the Emaily Drive.
  • Pre-eminent Cloud malware protection against viruses and spam.

From reading this, you should now have a good idea of why partnerships like this are a vital aspect of business evolution. But let’s talk more about the specific and manifold benefits that the consumer stands to gain. From the outset, the idea of partnering GMS and Virtustream was to complement an already distinguished service with an already distinguished product. Where the likes of Microsoft and Google are concerned, they lessen the impact of these partnerships by using them more as a data pipe than a valued local operator. Aside from the obvious implications, this also means there is little in the way of sharing revenue. GMS, however, extol the virtues of a mutually beneficial revenue sharing structure through a tried and tested model which is instantly more financially appealing.

There’s more. Research has shown that the government regulators in many countries overseas now ask that core cloud services are locally hosted. This is something that OTT service providers have avoided, but we believe there’s greater merit in “in-country” deployment. Not just from the perspective of cost-effectiveness on the part of Emaily’s users, but also because it’s a more watertight way for adhering to the everyday operations of the consumer. Finally, it’s useful to note the import of customer retention. By helping to expand the cloud marketplace for SMBs and enterprises there isn’t just the opportunity for larger scale customer monetisation and valuable data acquisition, there’s also the potential to build greater networks from new and existing customers.

More about Virtustream: Virtustream is an enterprise-class cloud service and software provider, trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical applications in the cloud. For enterprises, service providers and government agenices, Virtustream’s xStream cloud management platform and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) meet the security, compliance, performance, efficience and consumption-based billing requirements of complex production applications in the cloud – whether private, public or hybrid. Virtustream is headquartered in Washington DC, with major operations in 10 countries.

You can find out more about Virtustream by visiting: www.virtustream.com

For more information about Emaily, please visit: www.khalijiah.com