BPM Solutions: Streamlining Productivity

BPM (Business Process Management) solutions are tools that are designed to automate, evaluate and improve the efficiency of business workflows by confining the digital allocation of business tasks via email to one software that will do it all for you.

Say you send Task #1 to a colleague. That colleague completes it and sends it back to you for review. You review your colleague’s completed task and then send them Task #2. Task #2 ends up taking a bit longer than anticipated, sprouting Tasks #3, #4 and #5 that also need to be done in order to complete Task #2. Then Task #6 comes along, and #7 and #8 and #9 after that. Task #2 comes back, only partially complete. There’s a problem with Task #4 that’s blocking the completion of Task #2, but actually Task #9 has the most urgent priority.

Ask yourself, is this an optimised workflow? No, no it isn’t.

A hundred quandaries later and what you’ve got is a mess of tasks in various stages of completion, with different dependencies, boomeranging back and forth with next to no narrative structure.

A BPM solution, however, can overcome such processing nightmares by automating the sending and receiving of tasks, tracking deadlines and individual task progression, managing specific task rules (“If this happens, then that happens”), creating forms for data input and providing a top-down view of performing processes in order to identify areas where bottlenecks are forming, or deadlines are being missed. BPM solutions are all about process improvement, productivity optimisation, measuring efficiency and organisational agility.

And the pro’s don’t stop there. Here’s some other advantages to BPM solutions:

  • They will help to lower business expenses by streamlining costly business processes.
  • They offer a high degree of compliance transparency, both to regulatory authorities and business managers.
  • They mitigate risk by standardising business processes, reducing the risk of human error.
  • By and large they’re easy to use, with only the more substantial coded systems requiring in-depth training/greater technical know-how.
  • They integrate well with other software systems.
  • Since providers don’t need to spend months on installing their product, the cost to own a BPM solution is low.
  • Easy registration and no installation required.

All of this begs the question as to how Business Process Management software is relevant to GMS?

Well, the answer is a simple one: through the integration of useful BPM capabilities into GMS Projects that will bridge the gap between email and workflow processes whilst leveraging the existing proficiency of our business productivity suite.

GMS Projects is our project management app that will give organisations, like yours, all the tools they could need to plan projects, manage time, allocate resources and optimise their business.

Learn more about GMS Projects by getting in touch with us today.