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Why should I purchase GMS Anti-Virus when I already have an AV scanner on the server?


Why do I need to purchase GMS Anti-Virus when I already have an Anti Virus scanner installed on the server that automatically checks all files and directories?


Running any virus checker against GMS internal files (i.e. any file under the /Gordano directory) is likely to lead to unpredicatable results. At best, no viruses will be dectected, at worst total failure of mail delivery and loss of messages can occur.

Virus scanners external to GMS software may "lock" or delete files without reference to the fact that they are already being used. When GMS returns to the file it will find it unexpectedly locked or deleted and attempt to carry out some error recovery. The error recovery process itself may become locked (again due to the virus scanner) and unpredictable outcomes result.

If you are running a virus checker on the same server as GMS then you need to ensure that it is configured to NOT scan any of the Gordano directories.

The only way to scan incoming messages for the presence of viruses is to do so within the SMTP process. This requires that you use an AV solution that is integrated with that process such as GMS Anti-Virus.

If you are interested in protecting your server (and users) from viruses contained in incoming mail messages then please contact sales@gordano.com and request a trial of GMS Anti-Virus, Gordano’s own integrated virus scanner. This is tightly integrated to the SMTP and WWW services (it will not allow you to attach an infected file in GMS Webmail), has minimal impact on processing speed and comes with an integrated automatic file update system.

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