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Why is VSM no longer available?


Virus Scanner Manager (or VSM) is the name of an obsolete Gordano product. It allowed a variety of third party virus scanning products to be used with Gordano’s messaging products.


VSM was deployed with many different third party virus scanning products. Each of these products was independent from Gordano and experienced change over which Gordano had no control. As a result there were many issues with the third party scanning software. Some customers (wrongly) associated these issues with Gordano rather than the changes in the third party virus scanning engines. For example:

  • Performance. Many third party scanners are slow and single threaded. This degraded the overall performance of the Gordano mail server.
  • Language. Scanners in different national languages produced results that were incompatible with the VSM interface..
  • APIs. Third party vendors changed the API to their products on a regular basis. This demanded numerous code changes, regression testing and therefore significantly increased costs to Gordano.
  • Delays pending update. Some scanners were unavailable while signatures were being updated. This caused unexpected and sometimes lengthy delays in mail delivery.
  • License evasion. Some customers purchased single user virus scanning software and used it in conjunction with VSM to scan email for multiple-users. Gordano has never and does not condone such behavior.

These issues led to unacceptable support and development costs and consequently VSM was withdrawn from sale with the release of codebase 7.01. Gordano now supplies a far better virus scanning solution known as GMS Anti-Virus. It has the following additional benefits:

  • Fully supported through one vendor.
  • Fire-wall friendly, automatic update distribution facility.
  • Vastly improved performance.
  • Bi-directional scanning.
  • SMTP level detection means that infected messages never reach a user’s mailbox.
  • Works with all forms of access
  • Attachments are scanned – including ‘zipped’ files.
  • Messages and attachments are disinfected whenever possible.

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