Why is the Message Quality tab greyed out on my server?

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When I look at the tabs under Anti-spam > Content the Message quality tab appears to be greyed out and I am unable to select it. Why is this?


The most common reason for this is that you are running VSM (Virus Scanner Manager) in conjunction with third party Anti-virus software. VSM has not been supported for some considerable time and so does not benefit from ongoing enhancements to the GMS software.

If you do not have a key for VSM installed on your server, then it may be that you have had a trial of it in the past and have configured third party Anti-virus software to run for the period of that trial. If you did not remove the configuration for this third party software when the trial expired the tab will be greyed out. As your trial will long since have expired you will need to remove these settings via the system variables and then restart your server.

If you wish to take advantage of the Message Quality checks as well as greatly improved content and restricted word checks then you must not use VSM. Our sales department can help you with this.

If neither of the above apply then please see Support

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