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Why don't some of my alarms work?


GMS Webmail includes calendars which provide alarms via emails and pop-up messages. Sometimes these alarms appear not to work, why is this?


By default, alarms are checked every 15 minutes in GMS Web Organizer. Therefore alarms requested in the next 15 minutes or re-scheduled for a time less than 15 minutes did not reoccur. There are several possible solutions:

  • Upgrade to the next version. You will need to manually modify the timed.txt file to increase the check frequency to 1 minute.
  • Tell users to set the "check for new mail" to take place every minute.

To change the timed.txt file, you’ll simply need to change the seconds entry. It should look something like this:

"CalendarAlarms","0000-00-00 00:00:00",1800,

The entry in red above (1800) is the one that needs to be changed. The 1800 represents the number of seconds between each check. As 1800 is 30 minutes, a lower value such as 60 (1 minute) would need to be entered.

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