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Why does clicking on 'Users' in the admin GUI result in 100% WWW CPU usage?


I am able to administer everything via the admin GUI except when I click on
"Users" for a domain which I have just converted from a "Full"
domain to a "Virtual" domain.


All versions of GMS require at least one full domain. Some early versions required one of these full domains to have a DomainID variable of 1. It is likely that the full domain you have converted has a domainID of 1. This means you now have a virtual domain with the DomainID of 1 which will cause the problems you have noted. There are two solutions

Upgrade to the latest version of GMS. Builds greater than 3088 can cope with having no full domain with an ID of 1.

The other solution is to swap the domainID for the virtual domain with the domainID of a full domain on your system. For example if you have a full domain with a domainID of 2 you would set your virtual domain to have a domainId of 2 and the full domain to have a domainID of 1. You can change the domainID variable from the Support>Domain Variables page of the administration interfcae.

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