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Why do VPP Updates constantly occur?


GMS Anti-Virus requests updates for the virus signature files from Gordano. When the request reaches Gordano, only the files that have changed are returned to the customer’s machine for automatic installation. This reduces the quantity of information that is transfered between machines.


In one release, the request for signature files always resulted in every file being updated. While this does not cause any security issues it does increase the bandwidth required for each update.

To explain, when signature files are received from Gordano, they are placed in the temporary directory:

<base dir>bincommandwinntintelupdate

until they are installed into the

<base dir>bincommand

directory. Once the files have been transferred, the new signature files are installed, removed from the temporary directory and then used for virus checking.

The daily request and "Update Now" button (incorrectly) checked
for GMS Anti-Virus files in the temporary directory. After installing the files and
removing them from the temporary directory, the request to Gordano
indicated that no files are currently installed for virus scanning.
Gordano’s system responded automatically and sent all signature files every

This problem did not cause any security concerns, but increased (slightly)
the bandwidth used to maintain the signature files.

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