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Why do the fields in GMS Webmail not display correctly when I first log in?


When I log in to GMS Webmail, the columns in the message list are sometimes too wide for the display causing a portion of the message information to be displayed off the screen.

Carrying out any further actions within GMS Webmail causes the list to be displayed correctly.


After considerable investigation it has been discovered that the
information from the Java Virtual Machines does not arrive consistently.
As a result, resize and re-paint requests get delivered in the wrong order
occasionally. This means that Gordano’s Java Applet is asked to display
the details in the mailbox and then the resize event occurs (rather than
the other way around which is correct). The applet draws the folder
contents list using the original size details.

When the user does any event which causes a re-paint (e.g. resizing the
window, pressing the Refresh button) the applet is likely to get the events
in the right order and the contents are displayed correct.

Unfortunately there is nothing that Gordano can do to resolve this issue
permanently although a large number of additional checks and balances have
been added which have reduced the number of times this erronous event happens.

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