Why do some MIME messages pass the GMS Anti-Virus checks?

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Gordano Limited has been made aware of the existence of specifically formed MIME content that successfully causes email messages to bypass the scanning features of the GMS Anti-virus module.


A fix for this exploit of the GMS Anti-Virus module has been produced and is available for download from the location specified below. Gordano Limited recommends that any customers download and install the hotfix according to the instructions available in additional Knowledge Base entry below.

Customers who have also enabled the attachment blocking available within the GMS Anti-Spam module continue to be protected from any malicious content contained in the attachment. Gordano Limited recommends that all customers take advantage of all of the protection facilities provided by GMS. GMS provides comprehensive protection from viruses and other malicious content. Virus definition files can be automatically updated every 15 minutes using Gordano’s patent pending, firewall friendly, update mechanism. There is no interruption to service while the update occurs.


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