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Why do my mail.exe commands not always work?


I have several problems with the mail.exe commands:

mail -h: Doesn’t list all options.
mail -a: Ignores duplicates names, the manual suggests it overwrites them.
mail -a: A password with no leading hyphen should not overwrite the registry entry – it does.
mail -a: Output is misleading and not as shown in manual.
mail -c: No message if it fails.
mail -dl: Simply doesn’t work, you get an error message.
mail -i: I couldn’t get this to work at all.
mail -p: Doesn’t work with addresses with spaces in them.
mail -u: No Output.


The list of available mail.exe commands has changed for build 3075 and we strongly recommend that you check the mail.exe help file to confirm the new list of available commands.

Further help on any command can be found by typing

MAIL -help [command]

Full details are available on our web site http://www.gordano.com

Please see the link below for a full chart of new and old commands.

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