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Why do my alarms always go off at the wrong time of day?


My system operates on EST but the alarms appear to go off at the wrong time of the day. Why is this?


GMS Web Organizer operated alarms using GMT as local time. There are several side affects of this:

  1. On logging into GMS Web Organizer the calendar shows the current GMT ‘day’ rather than the correct local ‘day’. e.g. log in at 10:00 am on 26/03/2002 GMT but local time is 23:00 on the 25/03/2002 and ‘Today’ is the 26th on the calendar not 25th. NOTE : – Selection of the ‘Today’ button corrects this
  2. The "Add event" dialog has the ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ displayed in GMT not local time.
  3. If I set alarms based on the local time the alarms are displayed based on GMT. This is true of both pop up and email alarms.

  4. If I select another day on the calendar and then select the ‘Today’ button the date highlighted is the ‘browser’ day not the ‘servers’ day.

GMS Web Organizer now uses timezones and daylight savings time. These timezones are stored in the database as GMT, and presented to the end user in local time. The Today button now uses the servers version of local time.

Note: GMS Web Organizer relies on the GMS and server timezones being consistent. This means that all users and domains switch to daylight savings time when the server switches.

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