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Why do I sometimes get MML errors with vCards?


The vCard functionality in GMS Webmail is extremely useful and allows contact details to be kept up to date automatically. However I occasionally see the following error in the interface:

An error has occured - Open Brace expected but not found  (1030)

Function call stack:
1:  LoadVCardGlobal

Current Location:
1: webmailaddressbookwindowsdetailsclientwindow.mml

Location in  LoadVCardGlobal:

98         /* not much we can do */
99         }
100>        else if (length == 1)
101 { 102 #vcname#surname = realName;


This was due to a simple "typo" in the MML used to parse the vCard information.

MML uses an "elseif" construct rather than the "else if" that is used in C and other programming languages.

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