Why do I get messages telling me my key has or is about to expire?

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The software automatically sends messages informing the administrator of any product keys they are running that are about to expire. These are sent at regular intervals during the last month prior to the key expiry.

The messages are sent so as to give the administrator plenty of warning of a key expiring in order that they may contact Gordano and renew the keys without suffering any loss of service, such as virus scanning, due to keys expiring.


In builds 3037 and earlier these key expiry warnings continue to be sent after the key has expired. This is no longer the case and the warning messages stop along with the expiration of the key and the component disabled.

To re-enable the component at any time in the future, you will need to purchase a full key from Gordano.

In builds 3037 and earlier if you no longer wish to receive these error messages then you can use an MML script to delete them before they reach your mailbox.

Go to the Users section and select the postmaster account that receives these messages from the tree, then select the Delivery Script tab for that user. Copy the following MML and paste it into the text area, then click on the Update button.

if (Instr(emailsubject,"upgrade key about to expire"))
action = 1;

All messages containing the text "upgrade key about to expire" will now be silently deleted rathe than displaying in your mailbox.

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