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Why do I get a warning that my mailbox is nearly full?


Some of the users on my system are getting warnings that their mailboxes are approaching the quota size set for them. However these users mailboxes are much smaller than the stipulated size.


The count of the account/mailbox size is maintained automatically by the software, increasing when new mail is delivered and decreasing when mail is deleted.

If the account size maintained and the size of the account on the disk are out of phase, unexpected warnings can be sent to users.

The most common reason for the information becoming out of phase is when the user’s mailbox has been manipulated from outside the GMS. For example, if the mailbox has been deleted manually.

If you have a user with this problem you can reset their account information in the following way:

  • Log on to the GMS interface
  • Navigate to the Support>User variables page
  • Select the user from the tree that is displayed
  • Select CurrentAccountSize in the Select variable list
  • Leave the New Value entry field empty and click on the Change Value button.
  • The next time the user checks their mail the CurrentAccountSize variable will be set to the correct value.

You should also ensure that the root cause (for example manual deletion of messages) is not repeated.

If the Support>User Variables tab is not accessible see KB article 210

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