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Why Choose the Gordano Messaging Suite?


Why Choose GMS?



Gordano has provided robust and secure messaging for over eight years and continues to innovate and lead the market. Since 1994, the GMS has been deployed in over 20,000 organisations in 120+ countries and supports over 54 million Email accounts. These companies and users have enjoyed the benefits of low cost of ownership of our solution allowing them to reduce their costs and increase system reliability.

GMS ? A Real-World Alternative

Gordano’s products straddle the full spectrum of Internet messaging user groups. From a SoHo installation in Hackney, London to an Enterprise-level corporation based in New York, GMS delivers powerful, flexible and secure messaging for both static and mobile users. This broad popularity reflects the low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the GMS and the response flexibility of Gordano’s skilled and very human staff. The noticeable absence of (and questionable performance) of unlimited licenses also provides justified reassurance to customers with user populations numbering in the ten of thousands.

In a post-dotcom, cost-conscious IS community; Gordano has seen a radically increased interest in alternatives to the messaging paradigms of MS Exchange, Lotus Notes et al. This has been due to disdain for high maintenance bloat-ware and punitive licensing models which, as Gordano has heard, disregard long-standing vendor-customer relations and alienate pressurised sys-admin staff.

Gordano increasingly see a rejection of mainstream messaging products that have, until recently, been a default choice. From dialogue with customers (and potential customers), Gordano have identified a core set of rationale for why customers continue to source alternatives to other high profile Internet Messaging servers.

Justification for GMS

GMS is easy to install, administer and upgrade ? The record for an installation of the GMS (GMS Mail/GMS Webmail/GMS Web Organizer/GMS Anti-Virus/GMS Anti-Spam/GMS Mobile Gateway/GMS Instant Messenger/GMS Communication Server/GMS Archive & Recovery/GMS Auto Port) is merely 40 seconds. As the quote below illustrates, the replacement of an existing mail server need not be characterised by the need for a dedicated team of administrators, a spare week and industrial strength caffeine products. NASA (a long standing Gordano customer) fulfils their GMS installation maintenance programme by dusting their server box every few months!

I was running MS Exchange on my server until it crashed and was completely unrecoverable. That happened at 10 p.m. on a Wednesday. I downloaded Gordano’s product, learned it and had it up and running by 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning. I scrapped Exchange and never turned back.
(Brian Dooley – Classic Service)

Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) ? Core messaging services can be implemented at a competitive cost and the Gordano upgrade licensing model is renewable at a modest percentage cost of the original license value. GMS will also retain all configurations and settings following an upgrade.

Similarly, the incremented license structure can realistically support user populations in excess of 100,000 members. This ability obviates the need for multiple costly server licenses which may be characteristic of alternative solutions.

Cross-Platform Deployment ? GMS can be installed on Windows and Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris etc). Security can be substantially enhanced by this approach, hack attacks can be rendered ineffective and the most common Windows based security holes are not relevant in a Unix environment.

Pedigree ? Gordano Ltd is a mature and profitable business. Gordano Ltd has been trading since 1994 ? a veritable aeon for an Internet Messaging business. Gordano were also the first organisation to provide a fully web-based sales fulfilment model for product licensing.

Contrary to popular belief, Gordano is a British company; this status provides valuable cultural cachet when dealing with both UK and foreign customers and a useful geographical locus for managing a global customer base. All Gordano products are developed, sold and supported from a single location. This factor offers obvious benefits with regard to customer response continuity.

Similarly, futurity reassurance is implicit; customers can implement GMS with a high confidence that future iterations of product will be available in years to come. This factor is combined with a stable licensing model that allows accurate projected budgeting.

Meaningful Competition ? Gordano does not aim to offer a ?point-for-point? challenge to the feature set of other ?heavyweight? products. Rather, Gordano have identified the key areas of functionality that are regularly required from messaging products and offer a coherent and streamlined product set that addresses these specific requirements. These requirements include – shared calendaring, scheduling and high scalability.

Additionally, client feedback is actively garnered via a rigorous and active Beta programme and true two-way customer interaction.

It is this ?lean? approach to functionality development that is most appreciated by Gordano’s customers; with budgets and staffing under the corporate microscopes there is increasing difficulty for IS managers to justify products that requires high levels of administration and maintenance.

A Complete Package ? GMS is a complete Internet Messaging solution. Core technologies such as POP and IMAP are combined with a refined webmail (HTTP) interface, powerful Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam services and list services. This holistic approach provides a high integration of services and further reduces support and maintenance overheads.

The complete GMS package totals only 16Mb and installs and configures in minutes, not days!

Innovative Technology ? In addition to offering comprehensive and powerful core messaging services, Gordano is also renowned for innovative and ground-breaking advances in new messaging features. These include:

  • Webmail client-side Anti-Spam options, including a unique confirmation process (the release of which spawned a number of copy-cat products)
  • Multiple language options for the webmail interface
  • Secure, system specific Instant Messaging (with transaction log feature)
  • Mobile/SMS Gateway ? text messages can be sent to mobile devices (PDA/Cell phone) directly from individual users
  • Autoport ? painlessly and transparently enables the migration from third party mail servers to GMS

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