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Why are the "Send" and "Cancel" buttons not visible to some users?


I have a number of personalities which have very long names. When I use one of these personalities, my "Send" and "Cancel" buttons disappear.


The size of the Compose window is fixed to allow us to ensure that a window will fit on a wide variety of screens without parts of the window disappearing off the screen.

In creating these fixed size windows, we include certain information to allow you to be quickly and easily reminded about key information while composing an email such as which personality you are using.

When using personalities, we included the whole name. If the name of the personality was unusually long it caused the information in the window to wrap and the "Send" and "Cancel" buttons seemed to disappear.

The buttons were in fact still available and could be accessed by using the "TAB" key.

To prevent the buttons "disappearing" we now truncate longer personality names to ensure the window opens to a standard, usable size and includes all required buttons within the visible window area.

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