Why are my users unable to relay mail through my server?

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A number of users are unable to relay mail through my server even though I have included their IP addresses in the range of LocalIP addresses set under Security > Local IP. Why is this?


There is an issue with Build 3180 of GMS that only affects installations that are using a non-default LocalIP setting and ALSO do not have GMS Anti-Spam installed. To resolve the issue please download and install the updated SMTP service listed below.

Unauthenticated users of these servers who connect to the server from an IP address not included in the default LocalIP range will be unable to relay mail through the server.

The standard methods of authenticating to these servers in order to relay mail, such as pop-before-smtp or ESMTP authentication, continue to work correctly

Customers who either have GMS Anti-Spam installed or are using the default LocalIP setting are not affected.


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