Why am I no longer receiving mail from my discussion groups?

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I have enabled Confirmation filtering in my GMS Webmail client and while I no longer receive any junk mail I also don’t receive any postings from one of the discussion lists that I am a member of.


The Confirmation filter is designed to catch unsolicited email that comes primarily from automated systems. See www.gordano.com for an explanation of how the process works.

Since the lists that you are a member of fall into this category of automated systems you will need to add the list to your address book. The confirmation filter is bypassed for addresses that are entered in your address books. You should do the following.

  • Check your quarantine folder for a message that was sent to you from your list.
  • Select the message and note the email address in the From: entry (this will be the address between the < and > brackets).
  • click on the Address book Icon in the top menu bar.
  • Create an entry for the list using the from address that you have just noted.
  • once the entry is complete you will start receiving messages from the list straight into your inbox.

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