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Why am I getting an error when I try and set my domain to use SAM?


I have system level ADSI authentication enabled along wth NT SAM authentication and Gordano’s proprietary database. If I
then go to the domain level authentication setup for other.com and try and set this domain to use NT SAM
authentication, without entering anything in the ADSI section (since I am not using MS ADSI) I get the following error
"A domain or comma separated list of domains must be given"


In order to enable ADSI authentication for one or many domains, this option must be enabled at a system level.

Once enabled, this allows use of ADSI auth for a specific domain, for many domains or for all domains. It is configured for each domain separately.

However, once ADSI authentication was enabled at a system level, GMS required the use of ADSI
authentication for all domains.

We have amended the handling of ADSI authentication. The GMS now no longer requires you to configure
ADSI authentication for all domains once enabled at the system level.

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