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Which implementation of Java should I use with GMS?


Due to a recent court battle with Sun Microsystems, Microsoft have publicly stated that from January 2004, there will be no further development of the Microsoft Virtual Machine. This "apparently" includes any potential security flaws.


Although support of the Virtual Machine will be discontinued, this will not affect customers currently using the Microsft implementataion of Java with Internet Explorer accessing GMS products.

Customers may if also if they wish use the Virtual Machine supplied by Sun Microsystems, please view the following link for Sun Microsystems.

If you are looking for an introduction to Java this article may be useful.

Although Microsoft has stopped distributing Java with new Operating Systems it is still available for others via the Windows Update feature.

The choice of which implementation of Java you run is entirely up to yourself. If you wish to use Sun’s Java with your browser in order to configure GMS you may do so.

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