Which account types count towards my user license?

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The number of accounts you can set up on a single installation will depend on the type of license that is installed on that server. For example, the demonstration version of GMS and GMS Webmail will allow you to trial 43 accounts.

So what defines an account?


The following types of accounts are used for licensing purposes:

  • Mailbox. This is the standard user account which is usually accessed by POP3, IMAP4, HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Forward.
  • Processing. This includes robots (or executables) and DLLs.
  • Auto responder.
  • Delivery script.

Aliases and groups do not count towards the total. In addition if an account has both a Forward and an Autoresponder that counts as only one account for licensing purposes.

The postmaster account on each domain also does not count towards the total number of accounts as this account is a required account as per RFC 821.

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