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When using GMS Auto Port at what point do I retire the old server?


I have successfully moved the majority of accounts using GMS Auto Port from my old server to the new GMS Server. When should I retire the old server?


The point to retire the old server is something to be decided by the administrator of that server. When deciding the retirement point it is worth taking in to consideration normal usage patterns for the original service. For instance do all users log in every day, do some log in only once a week, and so on.

It is also worth leaving a bit of leeway to allow for users who are on holiday, ill, etc. A reasonable period may be 2 months. When this period is reached any accounts remaining on the old server could be considered dead.

Thus the Autoport process also enables administrators to remove old unused accounts automatically with out going through the system by hand.

It further gives the benefit of allowing the hardware to be upgraded without any downtime whatsoever from a users perspective.


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