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What type of alerts are available with GMS Anti-Virus?


Alerts enable the administrator to send a message or "alert" to a variety of people in reaction to the system having detected a virus. You can alert a number of people of any attempt to send a virus in to or out from the system. In the GUI for GMS Anti-Virus choose Virus>Alerts and select one or more of the following:

  • Alert Postmaster – to send an alert to the administrator of the system select this check box. If you would like the alert to go to someone other than the postmaster please enter their email address in the box provided, otherwise the default of postmaster@domain.name is used.
  • Alert User – to inform the intended recipient of a virus that some-one has attempted to send them an infected file.

  • Alert Sender – send a message to the sender of the file alerting them to the fact that they attempted to send an infected file through the system. (They may not know that the message contained a virus.)


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