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What ports are used by GMS?


Each service provided by a messaging server requires a “port”. These will be a number between 1 and 65535. Most ports are well defined (for example, SMTP is always 25) and some may be changed to suite your requirements (e.g. Firewalls, complex mail configurations, etc.).


Gordano products are extremely flexible allowing all the ports used to be modified. In general, you will never need to change any port setting – or only need to change the setting once when you are integrating the product into your current system.

The following is a list of all default port settings used by GMS. All of these ports may be changed to settings other than the default, although care must be taken with this to ensure that external servers can continue to communicate with you.

WatchPort 22200
AlertPort 8081
DNSPort 53
WWWPort 80
WWWProxyPort 8080
WWWMMLPort 8000
WWWWebMailMMLPort 9000
WWWUserMMLPort 8888
WWWScriptMMLPort 8025
WWWSSLProxyPorts 443
PasswordPort 106
FingerPort 79
IMAPPort 143
POPPort 110
POPSSLPort 995
SMTPPortReceive 25
SMTPPortSend 25
IMPort 8367
CollaborationPort 8376
CollaborationSSLPort 8377
LDAPPort 389
SQLPort 8306

If you change any of the ports, you will need to stop and restart the services (or server) in order for the changes to take effect. Be careful when changing SMTP, POP, IMAP, DNS, WWW ports – the server will appear to completely fail if these are not changed to correct values. Remember there is a “Set to default” button available if you are concerned that you have set up the wrong values.

If you change the configuration port and suddenly are unable to manage your server, you will find the “emergency” administration applet in your GMS menus which will allow you to set the configuration port to a known value. This will allow you to continue manging the system as usual.

The above ports are all TCP/IP ports with the exception of DNSPort which may require both TCP/IP and UDP.

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