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What options are there for leaving/unsubscribing to a list?


The list owner/administrator should always be able to “forcibly” un-subscribe a particular member from the list. GMS Communication Server offers this simple feature from the interface. An automated e-mail is then sent out informing the member that they have been removed.

The most common method for a user wishing to leave a list, is to send an e-mail to the list with a command that the system will recognise and take appropriate action on.

For example, if your list is called “Management”, you could simply send an e-mail to Management-leave@yourdomain.dom. You the user would shortly receive an e-mail confirming if your request has been successful. GMS Communication Server will also allow the administrator to customise the automated “leave” message that is sent out.

There is a page in the interface that will allow you to decide how people can leave your mailing list. The options range from allowing no-one to allowing any-one to leave the list. Found at…
GMS Communication Server > Access > Leave
Use the context sensitive help at the top right of the interface for more information of the features on this page.

If you attempted to leave the list using the method described above but had a message returned stating “You are not a member of the list” you could simply be subscribed under a different email address. Check for the “X-ListMember:” clause in the header of the message.

GMS Communication Server is able to “Analyse all posted subject fields for leave requests”. Should a subject contain a leave command, it will process it accordingly.
This can be enabled at Access > Leave

A simple configuration feature allow list postings from any address. This is can also be the case when a user is requesting to leave the list. This would especially be useful for users who might have several email addresses but only want to stop messages from this list going to one specific place. Clearly this open list configuration is also available for abuse. You could un-subscribe any list user by sending an e-mail to the list control account and simply including a leave command and the intended e-mail address.

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