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What is the recommended configuration for GMS Collaboration?


GMS Collaboration is currently in its third stage of a phased development programme. This provides users with the ability to sychronize and share Calendars, Contact, Tasks and Journals which allows GMS Collaboration to provide a true alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

The sharing and synchronization of e-mail messages with the server is currently provided by the IMAP service although a full message store provider is likely in a future release.


Although the GMS Collaboration can be used in conjunction with a POP account, we recommend that customers switch to IMAP mode which allows them to take full advantage of the advanced facilities available in this mode such as a single point of storage for all e-mail messages, sharing of folders, public and private folders, etc.

While GMS Collaboration and IMAP are independant of each other they both compliment each other in that both mail and Outlook events are held on the server.

GMS Collaboration does not use the PST file format for storing information. Rather it is more readily comparable with an MS Exchange format store where all information is held on the server. A local cache of the information is maintained to facilitate off-line working.

Customers who are currently using Outlook’s personal folders (PST files) as storage for notes, journals etc. will be able to drag and drop existing items on to the GMS Server nodes within Outlook if they wish to move historical items into the GMS store.

It is possible to manually create folders under the GMS Server node in Outlook however you need to be aware that if you move e-mail from a PST store to a newly created folder under the GMS Server node that this will NOT be synchronized back to the server, it should instead be copied to the IMAP node to enure it is always available no matter where the user accesses the server from.

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