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What is the cache.dat file?


I have a large file called cache.dat in the BIN directory. What is it? Can I delete it?


The file cache.dat in the Bin directory is used to cache the DNS lookups. All Gordano products use the cache to temporarily store the results of DNS lookups in order to prevent them from overloading remote DNS servers and reduce bandwidth requirements.

The default size is 1MB. While Gordano products are running, you can delete the file but it will be automatically recreated. Unless you are doing large mail outs (i.e. greater than 100,000 addresses) you are unlikely to need to change the settings.

To change the size of the cache, you will need to change the System Variable ?DNSCacheSize? from the Support > System Variables pages. (If these pages are grayed out please see FAQ:210

The default value is 1024 and is measured in KB. Any changes to the cache size will only take place once the machine has been restarted.

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