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What is the Anti-Spam Update Service?


The GMS Anti-Spam Update Service (ASUS) teamed with GMS Anti-Spam, will give an “out of the box” option to start filtering Spam with automatic updates for the restricted word lists and Bayesian filters. ASUS will update on a regular basis to keep up with the changes in Spam messages. Spam definitions are updated by our dedicated engineers from spam received into specially configured honey pot accounts.

This information is then pushed automatically to customers GMS servers and applied in a seemless manner. Customers may request updates to the information as frequently as every 15 minutes if they wish.

In addition to these traditional content filtering methods from Version 12 (build 3434) GMS Anti Spam Update Service also includes Commtouch’s Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD). RPD is based on the most fundamental characteristic of spam and email-born Malware – its mass distribution over the Internet. Recognized by key industry analysts as a leading technology in email outbreak detection, RPD achieves the industry’s best detection/accuracy performance (Osterman Research) and "detects and blocks spam in the first few minutes of an outbreak"(IDC).

An external data center is queried by an SDK to receive message classification in real-time. The result is instant protection from new outbreaks – far ahead of signatures or software updates.

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