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What is Smart routing?


Comprehensive mail delivery systems such as GMS have the ability to route mail depending on a set of pre defined rules set by the administrator. These rules over-ride the MX records that are defined in DNS. This is facility is called Smart Routing.

For example, if you require all email to be delivered to a specific gateway, Smart Routing can force GMS to deliver all email to that gateway regardless of the usual MX records. For simplistic mail servers, that is as much as Smart Routing allows.

Smart Routing in GMS is a lot more powerful and allows you to define the following:

  • Specify particular host to deliver mail to
  • Send to alternative port on destination machine
  • Retry mail queue at defined intervals
  • Specify username and password to be used with ESMTP Authentication on remote Server
  • Specify on a per queue basis that mail be always delivered using SSL, delivered using SSL if it is available, or that SSL is never to be used.

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