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What is "Showthrough" with regard to the GMS Web Organizer


GMS provides a shared calendaring facility. GMS Shared Calendaring is a comprehensive feature set and allows multiple access to individual (or group) calendars.

Access rights to specific calendars are displayed graphically with the webmail interface, this is called Showthrough.

What is Showthrough?


Access rights to other calendars (within the GMS installation) can be designated either Read Public, or Manage by the user who is granting access to that calendar.

If a user (or a group) has been granted access in either of these forms then the relevant calendar will be displayed in their webmail interface in the Calendar option folder.

Events entered in these additional Calendars will be greyed out, or, displayed in a standard format (black) dependent on whether the user has Read Public, or, Manage access, respectively.

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