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What Is Mail Meta Language (MML)?


Where Can I find out more information about Mail Meta Language (MML) and how it is used with the GMS?


The Mail Meta Language (MML) is a scripting language specifically designed to manage email messages (in much the same way as HTML manages web pages). MML can alter messages, redirect messages and pre-process web pages in
Gordano’s webserver. The administration interface, user interface, and some anti-spam filters are written using MML. If you wish to find out more about MML, please use the following information resources:

  1. The MML Programmer’s Guide which is included with all the GMS manuals.
  2. The GMS Communication Server Administrator’s Guide shows how MML can be used to customise messages as they are posted.
  3. There is a discussion list for user’s of MML. Visit Support user groups to join the list or send an email to mml-join@gordano.com.
  4. This knowledge base contains many example scripts (enter
    "MML" as a search term).

  5. The accessory pack also contains a number of example scripts, including an example interface, which you can customize to suit your needs.

There are four types of scripts that can be writen in MML, these are:

  • GUI Scripts – These scripts are used to modify the NTMail user interface.
    For example, you might want to restrict a domain administrators access to some areas they would normally have access to. You could use MML to block access to these areas.

  • Anti-Spam Scripts – These interact with messages passing though the server.
  • Timed Event Scripts – initiate an event at a specified time. For example to dial up to your ISP or to back up your system.
  • List Message containing executable MML ? these mix HTML and Text
    with embedded MML.

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