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What is load sharing?


GMS software supports Load Sharing. That is the spreading of the user population across two or more machines in order to share the email load across those machines. For example you may want to run a user population that is too large to be successfully handled by a single machine.

Load sharing is a simple concept and is handled by a set of simple rules. These rules determine which machine receives mail for a particular user and which machine that user reads or retrieves their mail from. The context sensitive help will guide you through setting up the rules for the array.

When setting up a load sharing server array it is best practise to specify an array that will cover the total projected user population. For example, if you project you will have, over time, a total of 30,000 users and will provide three machines in the array, it is better to start with all three machines in place.

Load Sharing allows a GMS install to support any number of users, distributed between any number of servers. Load Sharing works by redirecting connections to the correct server based on a set of rules. A user is not aware of this redirection taking place.

The decision to load share should be based on a number of factors, such as how many users you need to support, the specification of the hardware that you are using etc.

Note: Adding machines to a load sharing array can be done later but is not straightforward.

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