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What is GMS Web Organizer?


GMS Web Organizer supports shared calendaring. This KB entry looks at what calendars are and then reviews the benefits of shared calendaring.


Calendars are electronic diaries or organisers. They allow you to set:

  • The date, time and duration of an event.
  • The subject and agenda of the event.
  • Whether the event is “private” or “public”.
  • One or two alarms which can remind you of the event by putting a “pop up” message on the display, sending you an email message, sending a message via Text/SMS and/or sending a message via Instant Messaging.

Once events are entered you can check them by simply selecting the current date, week or month in the calendar displayed in GMS Webmail.

A useful feature, due to the integration within Gordano’s Messaging Suite, is that emails can be turned into calendar events at the click of a button.

Shared Calendars allow individuals to specify who can view their calendar and what rights they have. For example, a CEO can allow his PA full manage rights to his calendar and all his managers read-only rights.

Calendar entries prepared in GMS Webmail can be viewed in Outlook and other clients such as Apple iCal and Mozilla using GMS Collaboration and vice versa.

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